• Andre Santillana

The shady side of Life

Chairoscuro (chi·a·ro·scu·ro). A technique used in drawing and painting, also in photography and cinema, which makes use of strong contrasts of light and shadow when modelling three-dimensional figures and objects. What would otherwise be two-dimensional and flat acquires volume and depth through the play of light and shadow.

The same is true with Life. The way we see it, perceive it, experience it, live it, the way it takes shape, and the choices we make, are neither just black or white, but consist of any of the subtle hues and shades that exist between the points of absolute blackness (total absence of light) and the point of pure whiteness (resulting from the completeness of spectral colors).

Through the use of images and letters, Life in chiaroscuro will attempt to express Life as I see it. Life in chiaroscuro will cover all sorts of topics and diversions, from the mundane to the significant, from the trivial to the serious, from the laid back to the pressing. There will be photographs, video clips, quotations, poems, essays, short stories, fiction, even serious pieces of journalism and editorials.

It is also my hope that Life in chiaroscuro will gain relevance to you as a reader, primarily as a source of entertainment and information. Most of all, I hope that this website functions as a channel for the expansion and fostering of great friendships. Dear friend, come take a walk with me into a Life in chiaroscuro.

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